The Question Block – Episode 2

How much trivia can you handle?  I guess that depends on how many prizes you can handle.  Listen to episode two of The Question Block and get 12 new questions to tickle your brain.  You will also get the answers to the dozen questions we asked you last week.

If you want to win a $20 points card for the platform of your choice, then just listen to the show below and send us your answers by Thursday (February 24th, 2011).  Where do I send my answers you are probably asking?  Just send them to  We will keep track of everyone’s answers and at the end of the month the winner will… well… win.

The Question Block – 2
Hosts: Tony, Shelby

Round 1 – Music
Round 2 – Anagrams
Round 3 – Cel-Shading
Round 4 – Nintendon’t
Also, if you have any comments about the show send us an email to  Feel free to follow our Twitter, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel or talk to us on the forums.

Public Service Announcement: The iTunes feed for the Question Block is now live.  It’s finally it’s own show.  Subscribe to the iTunes feed, rate us.  Tell your friends. Email your answers.  Win stuff.


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