Sometimes the Things You Say in Jest….

Actually turn out to be true after all. Back on Episode 3 of the show we asked a bonus question about the Legend of Zelda. We wanted to know who the inspiration for the character of Zelda was married to.  On Episode 4 of the show we gave you the answer and during our discussion Shelby actually said that it was Francis Scott Key.  It was said jokingly because he always gets that name and F. Scott Fitzgerald mixed up.

It turns out that he was actually right. Sort of. I was doing some research for my upcoming Week in History article over at Nintendo Okie and I found out that this week will be the 63rd anniversary of the death of Zelda Fitzgerald. I also found a picture of the grave of her and her husband. The name on the graveyard for him? Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.

I had always thought it was a happy coincidence that F. Scott Fitzgerald and Francis Scott Key’s names were so close together. I didn’t really ever try to figure out what the F in his name stood for. It turns out that he was named after Francis Scott Key who also happens to be related to him. They are second cousins, three times removed. Don’t ask me what that means. I only know that it means that they’re related.

So it turns out that the joke Shelby made actually happened to be a useful piece of information. We just didn’t know it at the time.



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