The Epoch Cassette Vision

Let’s keep the console trivia rolling this week.  On tap today is the Epoch Cassette Vision.  This system saw release in only one country, Japan.  It hit retail there on July 30th, 1981 and sold for 13,500 yen.  Despite its name the system actually used cartridges and was the first programmable game console in Japan.  The graphics capabilities of the system were slightly worse than the Atari 2600.

The most unusual feature of the system had to be the controller which featured two knobs per player on the system itself.  One knob controlled vertical movement and one knob controlled horizontal movement.  There were also two fire buttons per player.

The Epoch Cassette Vision was more or less a failure in Japan and only had around a dozen games that could be played.  Despite that it managed to spawn both a slightly smaller version of the system and a successor, the Super Cassette Vision that went on sale in Europe and had significantly more games available.

These two systems, along with the Game Pocket Computer would be the only video game consoles Epoch would create.



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