The Question Block – Episode 12

Wow, episode 12 of The Question Block already? It seems like just yesterday I was editing this thing; mostly because I was. Tomorrow we will be recording the next one and I will be talking about it right here in 168 hours. Let’s not worry about that for now. Instead you should devote your brain power to answering the 12 questions Tony and I have come up with. When you have your answers, send them to Remember, this is the last show of April so we will announce the winner next week. The prize is a $20 points card for the system of your choice. By the way, you only get to pick the system if you win.

The Question Block – 12
Round 1 – Credits Music
Round 2 – What’s Up, Doc?
Round 3 – That’s All, Folks!
Round 4 – That’s A Joke, Son

If you got a kick out of listening to this show, you might enjoy our other podcast. We also have a forum, YouTube channel, Twitter feed and a Facebook group you can utilize.


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