The Question Block – Episode 13

We have a baker’s dozen for you this week, folks. I don’t really get why it’s called a baker’s dozen… and I bake. Anyway, on this baker’s episode 13 of The Question Block, Tony and I ask you a normal dozen questions. Also this week, we announce the winner for the month of April who gets a $20 points card for the system of his/her choice. Now that the slate is washed clean, it’s time for the month of May. This month we are giving out a copy of Monster Tale for the DS. You have heard Tony and I rave about this game and now you can win it for your very own. Just send you answers for the normal dozen questions to Good luck.

The Question Block – 13
Round 1 – Fire Music
Round 2 – Kombatants
Round 3 – This Year In Gaming History
Round 4 – Karting Around

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