The Question Block – Episode 15

It’s party time, people! Get them fingers a typin’ and send in your answers to the 12 new questions we have for you on episode 15 of The Question Block. We are giving away a spectacular prize this month, a copy of Monster Tale for the DS. Just send in your answers to If you get the most questions correct for this month the tale of monsters is yours.

The Question Block – 15
Round 1 – Backwards Music
Round 2 – Luigi
Round 3 – Mark Hamill
Round 4 – Redheads

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2 responses to “The Question Block – Episode 15

  1. I was very surprised by the answers for Episode 15. For question 12 everyone that answered answered Rayne. The correct answer was Amy from the Soulcalibur series.

  2. Shelby Coulter

    Yeah, I guess we fooled everyone with that one. Althought she did inherit it from her father, Rayne was born a dhampir.

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