The Question Block – Episode 21

Blackjack! Episode 21 of The Question Block has just been flipped over. I hope you bet big because this is the first show for July and we announce the winner for June. But first you’ll have to listen to last week’s question to which you already know the answers too. Kind of annoying huh? After that, we deal out 12 new questions for y’all to ante up on because this month we are giving away a copy of Portal 2 for the platform of your choice. Remember to send your answers to for your chance to win. Now you’re thinking with portals.

The Question Block – 21
Round 1 – Chiptune Covers
Round 2 – Delay Of Game
Round 3 – Multiplicity
Round 4 – Killer Rhymes

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One response to “The Question Block – Episode 21

  1. Oh man! A copy of the most excellent game Portal 2 on the platform of your choice? You Okie guys are getting serious.

    “If you want me to email you the points card, I can do that, but I’d rather just send you the code in an email.”

    Brilliant Tony. Brilliant!

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