The Question Block – Episode 36

Do you like Kirby? Well you better because this month on The Question Block we are giving away a copy of Kirby’s Return To Dream Land. If you want to win a free game (FREE GAME) listen to the podcast in this post and send your answers to this week’s questions to That’s all you have to do. It could be the least amount of work you have ever done to acquire a game. Maybe; it depends on how lazy you are.

The Question Block – 36
Round 1 – Four Player Music
Round 2 – The Blue Blurred
Round 3 – You Can Quote Me On That
Round 4 – Finger Lickin’ Good

If you want another podcast a lot like this one, check out our what we’re playing/news podcast. You can also join our Facebook group if you like. We have a Twitter account and we know how to tweet it. Our forum is full of people that you might get along with. You should go there and talk to said people. Last but not least is our YouTube channel where we post our epic videos.


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