The Question Block – Episode 40

Here it is, folks. Episode 40 of The Question Block. 40 episodes mean I have spent approximately 120 hours editing these shows. Huh, that really doesn’t seem that bad does it? That’s only a third of the time I have spent playing Borderlands. What am I always complaining about? Anyway, this month we are giving away a copy of Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS; not that there are any other systems to give it away for. If you want to win, listen to the show and send your answers to Remember, there can only be one winner but you all can be our friends.

The Question Block – 40
Round 1 – Dual Joystick Shooter Music
Round 2 – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Round 3 – Book Style
Round 4 – Disney Published Games

This is the part where I ask you to join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, talk on our forum, subscribe to our YouTube channel and to listen to our other podcast. Let me know if I did a good job with all that. It’s getting harder to come up with new ways to do it twice a week.


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