The Question Block – Episode 48

Here it is, folks.  The final episode of The Question Block… for a while anyway.  In this last episode we announce the winner of Rayman Origins and the runner-up for the Goomba hat.  If you have been listening this long, one more shouldn’t hurt.

The Question Block – 48
Round 1 – Royal Music
Round 2 – Scoping Things Out
Round 3 – Isn’t That Odd?
Round 4 – Heather’s Grab Bag

If you are sad to see this show go, you should be listening to our other podcast.  It’s pretty much the same thing with less trivia questions.  You can also hop on our forum to tell us how much you miss the show.  We also have a Twitter thingy and a Facebook deal since I am mentioning website stuff.  Our YouTube channel is a pretty cool place to hang out too.  You should try it.


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