The Question Block Is Returning. You Can Be Involved

Do you think you know a lot about video games? Would you like to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of video game trivia? Well, now you’ll get the opportunity thanks to The Question Block. Season two of the show will feature a new segment we call “The Hot Seat” where you get to show just how much you know about Mario, Halo, or Japanese RPG’s.

You get to pick the category and we’ll ask you three questions relating to your chosen subject. Categories need to be related to a specific video game or franchise like Super Mario Bros. or the Mario franchise, a specific character like Master Chief and Link, or a specific genre such as first person shooters, RPGs or survival horror.

To be a part of The Question Block you’ll need a Skype account, a good microphone and a sense of humor. Send us an email letting us know you would like to be on the show and what category we can quiz you on. We record the shows on Saturday nights at 9:00pm CST and that would be the best time to be available for recording, though we can occasionally accommodate other times.

Please note that The Hot Seat is for fun and bragging rights.  No prizes will be awarded for the appearance.


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