The Question Block – Episode 55

This show almost didn’t happen, people. OVGE is tomorrow and we have been busy with a capital B. What the heck. A capital U, S and Y too. Why do people only capitalize the first letter? Who knows… Anyway, we got another helping of Brawl music for you to think about. Also, this week’s Hot Seat is all about a wild and crazy world know as Animal Crossing. And the Hot Seater this week is the current Animal Crossing addict, Shannon. How will he do? Will he stop playing the game long enough to actually record the show? Let’s find out.

The Question Block – 55
Round 1 – Brawl Music Part 2
Round 2 – FMV Games
Round 3 – Wii Shop Channel
Round 4 – Animal Crossing: Wild World (Shannon)

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