The Question Block – Episode 60

The time has come.  This week we have our first listener Hot Seat.  Gary Leavor joins us as we test him on Majora’s Mask.  How will he do?  Will he crack under the pressure or will he rise to the occasion and triumph?  Only one way to find out.  Before that, we hit you with some fever music, money questions and some picture-perfect ladies.  Where else can you get all that in a trivia show?  Take that, Trebek.

The Question Block – 60
Round 1 – Fever Music
Round 2 – All About The Benjamins
Round 3 – Cover Girls
Round 4 – Majora’s Mask (Gary Leavor)

If you, like Gary, want to sit in The Hot Seat, send an email to and let us know your category.  Don’t forget about all the little sites out there that help make Nintendo Okie possible; FacebookYouTubeTwitter and our forum.  If you want more, try this out.


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