The Question Block – Episode 55

This show almost didn’t happen, people. OVGE is tomorrow and we have been busy with a capital B. What the heck. A capital U, S and Y too. Why do people only capitalize the first letter? Who knows… Anyway, we got another helping of Brawl music for you to think about. Also, this week’s Hot Seat is all about a wild and crazy world know as Animal Crossing. And the Hot Seater this week is the current Animal Crossing addict, Shannon. How will he do? Will he stop playing the game long enough to actually record the show? Let’s find out.

The Question Block – 55
Round 1 – Brawl Music Part 2
Round 2 – FMV Games
Round 3 – Wii Shop Channel
Round 4 – Animal Crossing: Wild World (Shannon)

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The Question Block – Episode 54

I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t the Question Block supposed to be a half hour long?” Yes, you’re right. However, we babble a lot in this episode and we have a great little interview with Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid; I didn’t want to cut any of it. I could have cut some of Tony and I babbling but it takes a lot of work to cut incoherent rambling in a way that still makes sense. So I said “whatever” and exported the whole thing. It’s exporting now and I bet the file size is going to be huge; 192kbps for a 47 minute thing. Madness! Oh, if you haven’t already figured it out, Jools Watsham sits in The Hot Seat this week. He chooses a category near to his heart; his own game.

The Question Block – 54
Round 1 – Brawl Music
Round 2 – eReader
Round 3 – PSN
Round 4 – Mutant Mudds (Jools Watsham)

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The Question Block – Episode 53

The hits just keep coming.  This week another celebrity takes a shot at The Hot Seat when Mel Kirk from Zen Studios tests his knowledge of Mass Effect.  After the smoke clears we pick his brain about Marvel Pinball and all other things Zen Studios.  Do you think you know all there is about the misadventures of Commander Shepard?  Listen and find out. 

The Question Block – 53
Round 1 – Tony’s WiiWare Music
Round 2 – XBLA
Round 3 – The Icarus Factor
Round 4 – Mass Effect (Mel Kirk)

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The Question Block – Episode 52

This week marks our first celebrity Hot Seat with Gaijin Games’ Alex Neuse stepping up to test his trivia knowledge.  After we bombard him with the most obscure Japanese games we could find, we take some time to ask about Runner 2 and what platforms wii we may see it on and which ones u you may see it on.  Don’t forget you still have one week to win a copy of the Resident Evil: Revelations soundtrack.  Check out episode 51 for all that jibba jabba.  What more could happen on this week’s show?  Listen and find out.

The Question Block – 52
Round 1 – Fighting Game Music
Round 2 – Games That “Suck”
Round 3 – Collectible Rhymes
Round 4 – Strange Games In America (Alex Neuse)

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The Question Block – Episode 51

This is our first prize show of the season, folks. Listen to this week’s show for a chance to win the Resident Evil: Revelations soundtrack. You can also expect to learn about the Konami code, pinpall games published by Nintendo and spies. Turns out Tony is a spy. Who knew?

The Question Block – 51
Round 1 – Konami Code Music
Round 2 – Nintendo Pinball
Round 3 – I Spy
Round 4 – Resident Evil (Prize)

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The Question Block – Episode 50

After Tony’s appalling Hot Seat last episode, it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is with an assault of Persona 4 questions.  How do I handle the Hot Seat?  You’ll have to listen to find out. Oh yeah, we have other trivia questions too.  Tony pulls some remixes, and we travel to the moon with the Man Of Steel. 

The Question Block – 50
Round 1 – Remix Music
Round 2 – On The Moon!
Round 3 – Tall Buildings?  No Problem.
Round 4 – Persona 4 (Shelby)

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The Question Block – Episode 49

BAM!  The Question Block is back for season two!  We’ve change things up a bit so y’all let us know if you like the new format.  We still ask questions, there is still music, there are still some sound effects, we still ramble about pointless topics… so what’s different?  You’ll have to listen to the show and find out.  You can look forward to the inaugural Hot Seat where Tony is tested on his knowledge of Luigi’s Mansion.  Download it now?  OK!  GO!

The Question Block – 49
Round 1 – Avengers Music
Round 2 – Dust In The Tires
Round 3 – Toys ‘R’ Us
Round 4 – Luigi’s Mansion (Tony)

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