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The Question Block – Episode 62

Welcome to our trivia show.  We like to ask questions.  We also like to give answers.  We do that on this show.  This show has a guest.  That guest sits in a chair at an elevated temperature.  We ask the quest questions.  Do you have what it takes?

The Question Block – 62
Round 1 – Western Music
Round 2 – I’d Tip My Hat To You
Round 3 – Yoshi
Round 4 – SNK (Greg Little)

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The Question Block – Episode 61

It’s been hot in these parts lately.  I hope it’s not from all the hot, trivia action we throw out on this show.  This week we test your knowledge of anime music, hospitals and voice actors.  Then we put Mr. Ethan King in The Hot Seat to test his knowledge of the .hack//sign series.  Things just keep getting hotter, folks.  You might want to have a drink ready.

The Question Block – 61
Round 1 – Anime Game Music
Round 2 – Hospitals
Round 3 – Video Ganime Actors
Round 4 – .hack//sign (Ethan King)

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The Question Block – Episode 60

The time has come.  This week we have our first listener Hot Seat.  Gary Leavor joins us as we test him on Majora’s Mask.  How will he do?  Will he crack under the pressure or will he rise to the occasion and triumph?  Only one way to find out.  Before that, we hit you with some fever music, money questions and some picture-perfect ladies.  Where else can you get all that in a trivia show?  Take that, Trebek.

The Question Block – 60
Round 1 – Fever Music
Round 2 – All About The Benjamins
Round 3 – Cover Girls
Round 4 – Majora’s Mask (Gary Leavor)

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The Question Block – Episode 59

Trivia time.  What time is it?  Yes, I will.  Am I going to answer my questions before I ask them?  Another week of trivia.  What can you expect from this week’s show?  Tony and Mario Kart.  What is this week’s Hot Seat?  Listen to the show.  I promise it will make more sense than this post.

The Question Block – 59
Round 1 – Strategy Game Music
Round 2 – SpeedTree, Or Not SpeedTree?
Round 3 – Pac-Man
Round 4 – Mario Kart (Tony)

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The Question Block – Episode 58

Yet again, Tony and I embark on a journey to spread video game knowledge around the world.  Thankfully, the knowledge spread smooth and creamy like some sort of manufactured cheese.  Eww.  This week’s show is all about board games, Super Mario Kart and dolphins.  Then, the moment has finally arrived.  I sit in The Hot Seat and Tony grills me on Metroid games.  How will I do?  Will I pull a Tony?  I can’t tell you now because it will spoil it but I will say this; things don’t go so well.  Listen!

The Question Block – 58
Round 1 – NES Board Game Music
Round 2 – Super Mario Kart
Round 3 – Follow That Dolphin
Round 4 – Metroid (Shelby)

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The Question Block – Episode 57

Trivia. Like whoa, son. Riddle me this. Do you know the answer to the questions we be throwin’ at you this week? If you do you could win some free games! Starting right now, you have two weeks to send your answers to podcat@nintendo-okie.com. Every correct answer earns you an entry to wins somes stuffs. But first we got to get y’all warmed up with some questions we give you answers to. Enter now and you won’t regret it.

The Question Block – 57
Round 1 – Cheerleader Music
Round 2 – Sorry, Sheepy
Round 3 – The Silent Type
Round 4 – Sports Games (Prize)

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The Question Block – Episode 56

Another week brings another dozen trivia questions for you to ponder. This week, Tony and I test your knowledge of Steam, Sonic’s cavalcade of friends and some more Brawl music. Then we put, friend of the site, Steve Conger in The Hot Seat and grill him about Final Fantasy. What could be better than reading about this episode? Actually listening to it.

The Question Block – 56
Round 1 – Brawl Music Part 3
Round 2 – A Friend Indeed
Round 3 – Steam
Round 4 – Final Fantasy On PlayStation (Steve Conger)

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