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The Question Block – Episode 59

Trivia time.  What time is it?  Yes, I will.  Am I going to answer my questions before I ask them?  Another week of trivia.  What can you expect from this week’s show?  Tony and Mario Kart.  What is this week’s Hot Seat?  Listen to the show.  I promise it will make more sense than this post.

The Question Block – 59
Round 1 – Strategy Game Music
Round 2 – SpeedTree, Or Not SpeedTree?
Round 3 – Pac-Man
Round 4 – Mario Kart (Tony)

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The Question Block – Episode 58

Yet again, Tony and I embark on a journey to spread video game knowledge around the world.  Thankfully, the knowledge spread smooth and creamy like some sort of manufactured cheese.  Eww.  This week’s show is all about board games, Super Mario Kart and dolphins.  Then, the moment has finally arrived.  I sit in The Hot Seat and Tony grills me on Metroid games.  How will I do?  Will I pull a Tony?  I can’t tell you now because it will spoil it but I will say this; things don’t go so well.  Listen!

The Question Block – 58
Round 1 – NES Board Game Music
Round 2 – Super Mario Kart
Round 3 – Follow That Dolphin
Round 4 – Metroid (Shelby)

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The Question Block – Episode 45

Are you ready for an onslaught of video game trivia? Well then how about a dozen questions? I hope you are because just below this writing is episode 45 of The Question Block. After you listen to the show, send your answers to podcast@nintendo-okie.com for your chance to win a copy of Rayman Origins. If nothing else you might win a goomba hat.

The Question Block – 45
Round 1 – Kirby Music
Round 2 – It’s Dark Over Here
Round 3 – Mario Kart
Round 4 – Up, Up, Down, Down

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