The Answer Key

Do you want to know the answers to any of the past episodes?  This is the place to find all of those.  Just click on the episode you want to see and you’ll find the answers to all of the questions.

Episode 1 – February 11th, 2011
(Music Round, Odd Man Out, Developers, Geography)
Episode 2 – February 18th, 2011
(Music Round, Anagrams, Cel Shading, Nintendon’t)
Episode 3 – February 25th, 2011
The Legend of Zelda Special
(Music Round, Villains, Weapons, The Legend of Zelda)
Episode 4 – March 4th, 2011
(Backwards Music, This Year in Gaming History, Video Game Primates, Licensed Games)
Episode 5 – March 11th, 2011
(Music Round,  Supporting Characters, Before They Were Famous, Star Wars Games)
Episode 6 – March 18th, 2011
(Remix Music, Boats, Lawsuits, Name That Character)
Episode 7 – March 25th, 2011
(Music Round, Odd Man Out, The DS, Pirates)
Episode 8 – April 1st, 2011
(Streched Music, Dem Bones, Cheerleaders, 3D Games)
Episode 9 – April 8th, 2011
(Boss Music, The Right Stuff, Cover Girl, Hangin’ Tough)
Episode 10April 15th, 2011
(Helicopter Music, Name That Robot, Money Matters, The Arsenal Locker)
Episode 11 – April 22nd, 2011
(Underwater Music, Angrams, For the Birds, Cyclopes)
Episode 12 – April 29th, 2011
(End Credits Music, What’s Up Doc?, That’s All Folks, That’s a Joke Son)
Episode 13 – May 6th, 2011
(Fire Music, Kombatants, This Year in Gaming History, Karting Around)
Episode 14 – May 13th, 2011
(Snow Music, The Voices in My Head, What Did You Call Me?, It’s Party Time)
Episode 15 – May 20th, 2011
(Backwards Music, Luigi, Mark Hamill, Redheads)
Episode 16 – May 27th, 2011
(School Music, Elementary My Dear Okie, In the Middle, High School Times)
Episode 17 – June 3rd, 2011
(Schmup Music, Puffballs, The Great Gig in the Sky, Fighting Games)
Episode 18 – June 10th, 2011
(Shopping Music, Hue Designed This, Cave-ins Possible, Dances with Wolves)
Episode 19 – June 17th, 2011
(Mario Kart Music, Who Hit me?, Who Said That?, Boo Who?)
Episode 20 – June 24th, 2011
(Driving Music, Spring Cleaning, I’ll Pass, A Word From Our Sponsors)
Episode 21 – July 1st, 2011
(Bit Covers, Delay of Game, Multiplicity, Killer Rhymns)
Episode 22 – July 8th, 2011
(Spy Music, Thou Art I….I Am Thou, Namco, Outta This World)
Episode 24 – July 22nd, 2011
(Hip Tanaka Music, Paper Thin, Modern DLC, It Walks and Talks Like a Samus)
Episode 25 – July 29th, 2011
(KK Slider, Divine Intervention, Get Me Outta Here, I’ve Cast a Spell on You)
Episode 26 – August 5th, 2011
(RARE Music, Damsels in Distress, Knights in Shining Armor, Dragon Tales)
Episode 27- August 12th, 2011
(Yuji Naka Music, Damsels Causing Distress, It’s All Relative, I’m Bored)
Episode 28 – August 19th, 2011
(Electricity, It’s My Turn, No Sequel for US, Video Game Penguins)
Episode 29 – August 26th , 2011
(Brawlers, Tom Clancy Games, Hit Like a Girl, DS Stands for Dumb Subtitle)
Episode 30 – September 2nd, 2011
(Music Round, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4)
Episode 31 – September 9th, 2011
(Monkey Music, Keep Rollin’ On, This Year in Gaming History, Most Likely to Suckceed)
Episode 32 – September 16th, 2011
(Japanese Rhythm Music, What Time Is It?, It’s Crowded in Here, Cats in Spaaaaaace!!!)
Episode 33 – September 23rd, 2011
(Motion Games, Swing for the Fences, Golden Rhymes, Ubi First)
Episode 34 – September 30th, 2011
(Voice Control, Live on the Scene, What Role Will You Play, Anagrams)
Episode 35 – October 7th, 2011
(Parallel Worlds, Achievement Unlocked, It’s Good to Be King, Cover Girl)
Episode 36 – October 14th, 2011
(Four Player Games, The Blue Blurred, You Can Quote Me on That, Finger Licken’ Good)
Episode 37 – October 21st, 2011
(Princess Daisy Music, New Game Plus, Some Assembly Required, Somthing’s Fishy)
Episode 38 – October 28th, 2011
(NES Sports Series, Drunken Masters, Duty Calls, The Super Tough Pink Puff)
Episode 39 – November 4th, 2011
(Zombie Music, A Hairy Situation, 1.21 Jigawatts, From Download to Retail)
Episode 40 – November 11th, 2011
(Dual Joystick Shooters, Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, Book Style, Disney Games)
Episode 41 – November 18th, 2011
(Sandbox Music, The Hunt is On, Respect Your Elders, Rate This)
Episode 42 – November 25th, 2011
(Games We’ve Reviewed, Copy Ability, Quiz Time, 3 Apples High)


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