Episode 14 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 14
May 13th, 2011

Round 1 – The Music Round – Snow

1. Contra – Snow Field

2. Modern Warfare 2 – Cliffhanger Snowmobile

3. Mario Kart Wii – Sherbet Land

Round 2 – The Voices in My Head

4. This man is more well known for his live action work in movies like Platoon, but he’s also voiced many video game characters such as the Arbiter, Sgt. Foley or Barricade. Keith David (He also played the role of an arcade owner in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood when Mr. Rogers and a young child learned to play Donkey Kong.)

5. This woman’s voice credits include a Princess who’s emotions could affect her abilities, zombie slaying college student trapped in Pennsylvania, and an Artificial Intelligence who’s voice was “angelic” to a popular space marine. Jen Taylor

6. This woman has been the voice of one version of the Normandy commander, been rescued from the Endar spire and turned to the dark side and most famously given a voice to a once corrupted bounty hunter. Jennifer Hale

Keith David worked with Jen Taylor on Halo and Jennifer Hale in Mass Effect. Jennifer Hale and Jen Taylor have both voiced characters in the Mario franchise.

Round 3 – What Did You Call Me? (Games with a nameless main character)

7. After much of humanity is turned into zombies by a strange purple beam it is up to you to lead survivors to safety in what game? The Last Guy

8. In this game, your time is spent chasing bounties in the town of Caldera and its surrounding mining community. Red Steel 2

9. Destined to die, you and your team devote all your efforts towards battling an overwhelming alien army in what game? Halo: Reach

Round 4 – It’s Party Time

10. This game was allegedly withdrawn from store shelves in the United Kingdom because Kamek used the word spastic, which is considered offensive. It was replaced when the word was replaced with the word eratic. Mario Party 8

11. This release in the series took place inside the party cube and saw all of the playable characters bringing you presents for your birthday. The final game was hosted by Bowser Jr. Mario Party 4

12. Part of this game in the series took place on Mini-Game Island and saw the player challenged to a slot car derby after completing 49 mini-games. Mario Party


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