Episode 17 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 17
June 3rd, 2011

Round 1 – The Music Round

1. Ikaruga

2. Super Star Soldier

3. Dream Trigger 3D

Round 2 – Puffballs

4. This pokemon is most famous for being able to put people to sleep by singing a lullabye. Jigglypuff

5. King Egger has captured this character’s friend and trapped her in a castle. In order to rescue her you must proceed through several levels of the castle collecting hearts to open the door to the next room. Lolo (From the Adventures of Lolo)

6. This game has you riding the wind currents on a puffball to get to high platforms. Shaking the Wii Remote gives you a small burst of speed that will send you even higher. Super Mario Galaxy

Round 3 – The Great Gig in the Sky (Character Deaths)

7. Your death occurs early in this game when you fall to your death crossing a broken bridge on an alien spaceship. Prey

8. After a botched infiltration mission, your soul is forced from your body to be used as a spectral assassin in what game? Geist

9. You wake up in this game already dead and quickly find your corpse on the scene of another murder that is about to take place. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Round 4 – Fighting Games

10.This fighting game developed by Atari was most notable in that it used digitized vesrsions of actors rather than animated characters. Pit Fighter

11.This fighting game’s cast of characters included anthropomorphic rabits, cheetahs and coyotes. They took part in a tournament that ended with them challenging the Dalai Llama.     Brutal: Paws of Fury

12.This game, based on Roman mythology has a fighting system similar to Punch-Out. In between rounds you are able to upgrade your character using one of three different skill trees. Rage of the Gladiator


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