Episode 20 – The Answers

The Question Block Podcast
Episode 20
June 24th, 2011

Round 1 – Driving Music

1. Driver

2. Spy Hunter

3. Stunt Man

Round 2 – Spring Cleaning

4. This Mario Party Mini-game saw you and a partner working together to clean mud off of the windows of a hotel. Clean Team (Mario Party 6)

5. In this game Mario is arrested and accused of polluting the island he came to for vacation. As punishment he is forced to clean up the entire island. Super Mario Sunshine

6. This video game series stars a janitor who travels around the galaxy campaigning for “truth, justice, and really clean floors.” SpaceQuest

Round 3 – I’ll Pass

7. Activision had the opportunity to buy this company in 1994 for the price of $7 million. They passed on the opportunity, but would later pick them up for a much higher total of $7 billion. Blizzard

8. Electronic Arts passed on the opportunity to create games for this popular fighting franchise because they didn’t believe it was a “real sport”. UFC

9. Nintendo passed on a business deal to work with Sony to create a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo. Sony would go on to use that opporunity to create what? Playstation

Round 4 – A Word From Our Sponsors (In Game Ads)

10. While looking for your wife, you use Energizer batteries to combat the Darkness in this action thriller.
Alan Wake

11. The loading screens for this game often included advertisements for Nestlé’s Aquapod water. Dewy’s Adventure

12. When the credits roll on this recent “cultural” game, you are treated to fake advertisements for products you don’t know anything about. You Don’t Know Jack


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