Episode 24 – The Answers

The Question Block Podcast
Episode 24
July 23rd, 2011

Round 1 – Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka Music

1. Dr. Mario

2. Kid Icarus

3. Game Boy Camera

Round 2 – Paper Thin (Paper Mario Franchise)

4. In Paper Mario Princess Peach allies herself with this character who she uses to relay information to Mario while she is locked up inside Bowser’s Castle. Twink

5. The dragon Hooktail hates the sound of this insect more than anything, so much so that the sound of it makes him sick to his stomach. Cricket

6. You fight this character four different times during Super Paper Mario. After the last time he saves the party from a collapsing ceiling because they had “gained the right to pass.” O’Chunks

Round 3 – Modern DLC

7. This piece of DLC does not actually portray real events, but rather is a simulation of a historical battle that saw the United States Army liberate Alaska from Chinese military forces. Operation: Anchorage from Fallout 3

8. The initial DLC offerings for this game were free and were named after popular movie actors like Bogart, Davis and Cagney. This free DLC lasted for approximately one year before the company began charging for new content. Burnout Paradise

9.  This company is responsible for the PSN exclusive PixelJunk franchise.   Q-Games

Round 4 – It Walks And Talks Like A Samus

10. In this hand held title, Samus, surrounded by four less armor clad women, greets you at the start of course 7. F-1 Race

11. If you destroy the six Metroids in world 5-2 of this game, Samus meets you at with her helmet off. Kirby’s Dream Land

12. In the non-Tengen version of the game, Samus will play the cello to celebrate your level 9 victory. Tetris


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