Episode 26 – The Answers

The Question Block Podcast
Episode 26
August 5th, 2011

Round 1 – RARE Music

1. Killer Instinct

2. Perfect Dark

3. Taboo: The Sixth Sense

Round 2 – Damsels in Distress

4. This first aid girlfriend is captured at the beginning of the game and it’s up to the skinless main character to rescue her. Bandage Girl (from Meat Boy)

5. In order to free her from a cursed castle, you must lead this girl around by holding her hand. Yorda (from ICO)

6. Upon finding this damsel, you are blinded by a vision of her former beauty before realizing the truth and putting her out of her misery. Maria Santiago (from Gears Of War 2)

Round 3 – Knights in Shining Armor

7. Tommy Tallarico helped compose the music for this speedy storybook game developed for the Nintendo Wii. Sonic and the Black Knight

8. This knight, who is trying to rescue his girlfriend Prin Prin from the clutches of Lucifer, got his armor from the worst blacksmith ever. His armor will disintegrate after taking only one hit. Arthur from Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins

9. This boy rescues a princess during her coming of age ceremony and stumbles upon a suit of armor that turns him into the White Knight. Events would lead him to defeat Dregias, the leader of a group called the Magi. Leonard from White Knight Chronicles

Round 4 – Dragon Tales

10. Combat in this game was not directly done by the characters, but rather shadows, one of which was a dragon, that were controlled by the characters. It was also the first game on the Xbox 360 to require multiple discs for all of the content. Blue Dragon

11. This energetic dragon, most famous for his deep purple color, was raised by a family of dragonflies in a swamp. There have been a number of actors that have given him a voice including Tom Kenny and Elijah Wood. Spyro

12. This game saw you controlling a dragon riding knight called Rohn Partridge. Most of the fighting in the game takes place in the air and is one of the most well known games to take advantage of the PS3’s Six Axxis controller. Lair


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