Episode 27 – The Answers

The Question Block Podcast
Episode 27
August 12th, 2011

Round 1 – Yuji Naka Music

1. Billy Hatcher

2. Let’s Tap

3. Ivy the Kiwi?

Round 2 – Damsels Causing Distress

4. This woman has a fever and the only cure is more dead angels. Bayonetta

5. Carrying an N7 classification this customizable female is prepared for maximum distressing action. Commander Shepard

6. With her sister framed for murder, this woman runs around town to uncover the conspiracy and clear her sister’s name. Faith Connors

Round 3 – It’s All Relative (Video Game relatives)

7. Reynold must save this girl by donning a number of different costumes and fighting door to door in a recent Xbox Live Arcade release. Wren (his sister) from Costume Quest

8. In Dead Rising 2 Chuck Greene is attempting to obtain a medicine called Zombrex to cure this character. Katie (his daughter)

9. Kitana tells this character the truth about her past before she was resurrected by Shao Khan. Sindel (her mother)

Round 4 – I’m Board (Board Games turned into Video games)

10. This video game series has included popular board games like Monopoly, Connect Four and Sorry and is hosted by Mr. Potato Head. Hasbro Family Game Night

11. This popular German-style board game was made into an Xbox Live Arcade release and tasks players with connecting different points of the United States by railway cars. Ticket to Ride

12. This popular fantasy football series with players from different races like Orcs, Elves and Undead, was turned into a video game that was developed and released by Cyanide Studios. Blood Bowl


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