Episode 3 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 3
February 25th, 2011
Round 1 –Zelda Music
1. Wind Waker (Outset Island)
2. A Link to the Past (Kakariko Village)
3. Twilight Princess (Hunting the Monkey)
Round 2 – Villains
4. This villain wears a mask to conceal his face and called himself the King of Shadows. Zant
5. This villain broke the Seal of the Seven Sages by sending Zelda to the Dark World and could not be harmed directly by the Master Sword. Agahnim
6. This villain had not one, but five different forms, and was eventually defeated by being sealed inside a sword. Vaati
Round 3 – Weapons
7. What weapon appeared exclusively in Ocarina of Time and would surround Link in a giant fireball that could be used to light multiple torches at one time or burn all of the enemies inside the radius of the fireball? Din’s Fire
8. What weapon has appeared in nearly every Legend of Zelda release and could originally absorb lasers shot at Link by enemies, but could eventually be used to reflect those lasers back at them? Mirror Shield
9. What weapons could be used to not only damage enemies but pull items to you and allow you to reach places you hadn’t been able to before? Hookshot
Round 4 – The Legend of Zelda (NES)
10. What enemy was described as hating loud noises, but could only be killed by loud noises in the Japanese version of The Legend of Zelda? Pols Voice (In the Famicom version you could yell into the microphone on the controller to damage them, but the NES version did not have a microphone.
11. What weapon was required in order to defeat Ganon? Silver Arrows
12. What two weapons do you acquire in the first dungeon? Boomerang, Bow
Bonus Question

The character Zelda was named after a famous writer’s wife. What was that writer’s name? F. Scott Fitzgerald


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