Episode 32 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 32
September 16th, 2011

Round 1 – Japanese Rhythm Music

1. Rhythm Heaven

2. Taiko: Drum Master

3. Gitaroo Man

Round 2 – What Time is It? (Video Game Clocks)

4. This Saturn launch game starred Sir Tongara de Pepperouchau III who would come alive every night. His ever faithful, near-sighted donkey steed is named Barobaro. Clockwork Knight

5. This survival horrorgame is actually the second game in the franchise despite it being the first to come out in North America. It features a villain called Scissorman who can’t actually be defeated by normal means. Clock Tower (aka Clock Tower 2 in Japan)

6. This character was responsible for the death of Sly Cooper’s parents. He would eventually replace allo f his body parts with robotic ones that would essentially make him immortal. Clockwerk

Round 3 – It’s Crowded in Here (Games with a Possession Mechanic)

7. In this unusual game, possession helps you free your brethren from enslavement before your evil masters can turn you into their next meaty snack. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

8. After your untimely death in this game, you are summoned by a scientist who requests you retaliate against a mysterious crime syndicate and rescue his daughter/your former girlfriend. Avenging Spirit

9. The driving premise of this game involves you possessing civilians in order to catch an escaped gangster threatening to detonate a bomb. Driver: San Francisco

Round 4 – Cats in Spaaaaaaaace!!!! (Space Cats)

10. This character is the ruler of Planet Heck and is the manifestation of evil. When he’s not plotting to take over the universe he trades jobs with his cousin who runs the “Circus of the Scars”. Evil the Cat

11. This character was appears in only one game and was related to a prince of the Kilrathi Empire. He was killed during the Vega Campaign in the year 2654 when his ship was shot down defending transports that were carrying troops. Bakhtosh “Redclaw” nar Kiranka

12. This space cat wants to join the Star Fox team in order to be closer to the avian member she has a crush on. She comes to the aid of the team and the Cernerian Defense Force during the Lylat Wars. Katt Monroe


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