Episode 33 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 33
September 23rd, 2011

Round 1 – Motion Games

1. Mercury Meltdown Revolution

2. Marble Saga: Kororinpa

3. Dewy’s Adventure

Round 2 – Swing for the Fences (Baseball Video Games)

4. This baseball series has nothing to do with Chris Matthews, but has been featured on the silver screen. It was developed by Accolade between 1985 and 1991 and would feature Al Michaels doing commentary towards the end. Hardball

5. This game, named after a popular Major League manager, would be notable for many of its firsts. It was the first time a baseball game allowed you to play a full season without having to show every game, the first time different stadiums (like Fenway Park) were shown, the first to have the MLBPA license, and the first to offer yearly roster updates on a disk. Earl Weaver Baseball

6. This game, published on the Super Nintendo by Sony, featured 12 teams, with the option for two other customizable teams. They would include names like the Surfers, Metallics, Condors and Bunkers. Extra Innings (Game was published by Sony Imagesoft, which at the time published games almost exclusively for the Super Nintendo.)

Round 3 – Golden Rhymes

7. You play as a ninja as you jump off the walls, you’re killed by missiles and really high falls. N or N+

8. “The Grandfather of platformers” some call this game, the arachnids and reptiles look kind of lame. Pitfall!

9. This game moves fast, it’s part of a larger tale, if you do really well you earn a rainbow trail. Bit.Trip RUNNER

Round 4 – Ubi First (Ubisoft First Person Shooters)

10. Jack Carver has left behind a mysterious past before a boat he is riding in is blown out of the water. He finds himself fighting mercenaries and genetically altered beasts known as Trigens in this first person shooter from Ubisoft. Far Cry

11. The main character of this Ubisoft FPS wakes up with a mysterious tattoo of a Roman numeral on his shoulder. The events of the game have him working through a conspiracy which sees him wanted for the murder of US President William Sheridan. XIII

12. The unamed hero of this Ubisoft FPS starts the game tied to the back of a motorcycle while being dragged through the desert. Red Steel 2


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