Episode 35 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 35
 October 7th, 2011

Round 1 – Parallel World Music

1. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

2. Shadow Man

3. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Round 2 – Achievement Unlocked (Interesting or Unusual Achievements)

4. This game had an achievement for pushing the A button 2,047 times. This also happened to be the year the game took place. Command and Conquer 3 (Welcome to 2047)

5. Electronic Arts thought it would be clever to give you 5 points for simply pressing the start button in this game. The Simpsons Game (Press START to play)

6. This game brought out the high school bully in everyone. You earned 5 points for killing a German in the Tower of London using a toilet. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Swirly Time!)

Round 3 – It’s Good to Be King

7. This king has two branch-like horns on his head and sleeps at the bottom of the sea floor. When he comes to the surface he creates a whirlpool with enough force to swallow ships. Kingdra

8. This king was introduced in the year B.E. 17. It wears dense armor plates that can withstand small arms fire and is equipped with two side-mounted chain guns. It’s service was indespensible in the fight after emergence. King Raven (Gears of War)

9. This king has been cursed with a toad like form, and is most concerned with the well being of his daughter who’s been turned into a horse. His specialty is scaring his companion Yangus by seemingly appearing out of nowhere. King Trode from Dragon Quest VIII

Round 4 – Cover Girl (Females on Game Covers)

10. This woman only appears on the 360 version of her game’s box art which was also censored for some retailers. Katherine McBride (Catherine)

11. The game featuring this woman on the box art was the only one of “the five” to not see release on the PS2. Vanessa Z. Schneider (P.N. 03)

12. This crimson girl appears on her cover art holding the weapon her enemies attempted to kill her with in her mouth . Kurenai (Red Ninja: End Of Honor)


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