Episode 37 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 37
October 21st, 2011

Round 1 – Princess Daisy Music

1. NES Open Tournament Golf

2. Mario Sports Mix

3. Mario Kart Wii

Round 2 – New Game Plus

4. While it wasn’t the first game to feature the concept of a New Game +, this game is generally considered to be the game that coined the term new game plus. It contained 13 different endings in its original release. Chrono Trigger

5. This game is actually the first game to have what was considered a new game + feature. The layouts and item placements in levels were completely different. It could actually be accessed by entering a password on the character select screen. The Legend of Zelda

6. An update for the PS3 to this game in November of 2008 allowed access to new challenge rooms as well as the inclusion of a New Game Plus feature. Bioshock

Round 3 – Some Assembly Required

7. This device features a touchpad button and attaches quite cumbersomely to its systems main controller. PS3 Wireless Keypad

8. This device was meant to add online functionality to its respective system but ultimately only added online play to four games and LAN play for three others. GameCube Broadband Adapter

9. This CD-ROM peripheral fits into the cartridge slot if its parent system and it is speculated that only 20,000 units were ever produced. Atari Jaguar CD

Round 4 – Something’s Fishy (Video game fish)

10. This virtual fish more closely resembles a human than a fish. One of his many talents is to present random trivia to the player, sharing significant events that happened on the players birthday. Seaman

11. This PopCap developed game puts players in the role of a fish who’s goal is to eat all of the other fish on the screen. Eating smaller fish will allow you to grow. Getting eaten by bigger fish causes you to lose a life. Feeding Frenzy

12. Feeding your pet a fish in this game will cause them to transform into dozens of different types of monsters based on the fish they ate. The effects are temporary and your pet will eventually return to normal. Torchlight (We will also accept Fate)


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