Episode 4 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 4
March 4th, 2011

Round 1 – Music Round

1. Final Fantasy VII

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

3. Halo 2

Round 2 – Theme: This Year in Gaming History

4. This year in gaming saw the release of Sim City, the first Prince of Persia and Nintendo introduced North America to Dragon Warrior.  1989

5. On April 1st of this year Enix officially announced they had absorbed Square to create one of the most dominate names in the Japanese RPG genre and the 3DO company officially announced their bankruptcy in May. 2003

6. 3D Realms officially began production of Duke Nukem Forever, Goldeneye 007 was released and Irrational Games, makers of Rachet & Clank, was formed.  1997

Round 3 – Theme: Video Game Primates

7. This monkey starred alongside a young pirate and could change into a number of different objects in a puzzle game developed for the Wii.  Wiki from Zak & Wiki: the Quest for Babaros’ Treasure

8. In what classic arcade game could players take on the role of a giant ape named George to wreak havoc on various cities by destroying buildings, smashing cars and eating citizens?  Rampage

9. This ape like creature from the Pokemon series has its face frozen in a perpetual grin and has a three fingered hand-like appendage on it’s tail.  Aipom

Round 4 – Theme: Licensed Games

10. This company may be most well known for a first person shooter on the Wii, but before that they were best known for their licensed game products.  High Voltage Software

11. Many people consider this to be the worst game ever developed. So much so that the developers ended up dumping thousands of the cartridges in a landfill.  E.T. for the Atari 2600

12. This futuristic police officer had a number of games created based on his movie franchise and develop by Data East, including one game where he faced off against the Terminator. Recently there was a proposal to have a statue built in his honor.  Robocop


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