Episode 40 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 40
November 11th, 2011

Round 1 – Dual Joystick Shooter Music

1. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

2. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

3. Everday Shooter

Round 2 – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet (Games with Bullet Time)

4.  This game is actually the sequel to a Hong Kong, action film where the star actor reprises his role from the 1992 film. Stranglehold

5.  In this red title, the protagonist will automatically enter bullet time and aim at a second enemy when she slides, jumps or wall runs. Wet

6. Frank enters bullet time wherever he dodges a projectile in this extraterrestrial game; the first from the developer.  The Maw

Round 3 – Book Style

7. Dsi owners could not play this first game in a trilogy published by Activision because it lacked the GameBoy Advance port, which was required for the peripheral that was bundled with it. Guitar Hero: On Tour

8. This game, designed by Masahiro Sakurai featured Disney characters on the faces of the blocks in the playfield. You held the book style to give a taller play field for the blocks to fall in. One of the bigger changes to the game play was the ability to move blocks left and right as well as up and down. Meteos: Disney Magic

9. This “game” wasn’t really a game, but rather a collection of works by popular authors like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Gaston Leroux. It featured 10 additional pieces that could be downloaded through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. 100 Classic Book Collection

Round 4 – Disney Published Games

10. This racing game, developed by Black Rock Studios featured a trick system that rewarded players with additional boost when successfully done. Despite being critically well received, the developer was closed and a sequel was declined. Pure

11. This game features members of the Dicken’s Detective Agency trying to solve mysteries in a Clue meets Mario Party style game. Guilty Party

12. This game, based off of a TV show with the same name, starred a bobcat who had dreams of being the chief of police. Bonkers


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