Episode 6 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 6
Friday, March 18th, 2011

Round 1 – The Music Round

1. Original composer – Keizou Nakamura
Game – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Remix of – Stage 1 Overworld Theme
TeenTurtleTryp by Kain Minter and Roddy Toomim

2. Original composer – Koji Kondo
Game – The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Remix of – Gerudo Valley
Gerudo Peeples by Scott Peeples

3. Original composer – Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Game – Ducktales
Remix of – The Moon Theme
Duck Blur by Star Salzman

Round 2 – Boats

4. This Sega Dreamcast beat ‘em up took place on a ship and had players attempting to rescue the president’s daughter from modern day pirates. You could attack the enemies with items like pepper shakers, cake, and a French Loaf  Dynamite Cop

5. The Mario Kart track took place on a ship and had you racing through a dining hall with moving tables, a pool on the main deck and life preservers that could be used to hide items.  Daisy Cruiser

6. This game, developed by Rare, is a follow-up to RC Pro Am and has you racing down a river while avoiding obstacles like sharks, waterfalls, land based guns and enemy boats.  Cobra Triangle

Round 3 – Lawsuits

7. MCA Universal sued Nintendo in 1983 claiming that this famous character violated one of their copyrights. The judge in the case ruled that the copyright had entered the public domain and ordered Universal to pay Nintendo $1.8 million in damages.  Donkey Kong

8. In 1995 Nintendo sued this company claiming that they were helping to produce thousands of illegal copies of Donkey Kong Country. Nintendo claimed they were producing the chips that would go into the illegal games. The lawsuit would be settled out of court. Samsung

9. This man sued all three of the major console makers before eventually dropping the lawsuits. He sued Sony for being banned from Resistance: Fall of Man, Microsoft because he received a Red Ring of Death, and Nintend because a system update kept him from loading the Homebrew Channel.  Erik Estavillo

He also sued Blizzard because Warcraft characters moved too slow, meaning they could charge monthly fees longer because it took so long to get to different places in the game. NBC, FOX, GameSpot, IGN, G4TV, Game Informer, 1UP, Joystiq, Kotaku, SarcasticGamer, MMORPG.com and DepecheMode.com: Sued for libel because they made fun of him.

Estavillo dropped all his lawsuits because of a combination of the ill-effects of the stress he was under while waiting for each case to be heard, his doctors advising him to stop with this nonsense, and the single most important reason anyone does anything: money. He decided he couldn’t afford all of these cases.

Round 4 – Name that Character

10.  I was born on March 18th, 2000 and my most notable feature is my firey red hair.
I’m an inexperienced Agent of the Carrington Institute.
Itook part in an interstellar war between two alien races; the Maians and the Skedar.        Joanna Dark

11.  My friends and I roll around in balls collecting bananas.
I’m the most balanced of all my friends.
Alvin the Chipmunk and I have the same tailor.          AiAi

12. Travelled to a once prosperous lumbering community to investigate a murder.
I enjoy coffee.
I often talk aloud to myself.                  Francis York (Zack)Morgan, aka Francis Zack Morgan


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