Episode 8 – The Answers

The Question Block
Episode 8
Friday, April 1st, 2011

Round 1 – The Music Round

1. Metroid – Kraid’s Hideout

2. Mega Man 3 – title Screen

3. Tekken 5 – Intro

Round 2 – Dem Bones

4. What meatless game released in 1996 has gameplay that varies from side scrolling, to memory matching to block breaking?  Mr. Bones for the Sega Saturn

5. Who had to absorb energy attacks and perform combo breakers to execute special moves?  Spinal from Killer Instinct

6. What ominous character fires Screaming Souls and rides a motorcycle tagged “YURNXT”? Mr. Grimm from the Twisted Metal series

Round 3 – Cheerleaders

7. Starr, Missy and Foxx work together at the end of what cheering game to save Earth from invading aliens?  Elite Beat Agents

8. What character shakes pom-poms as a distraction in a sports medley game for the Wii?  Daisy

9. No matter what teams were chosen, the half time show was always preformed by orange and purple cheerleaders in what NES basketball game? Ultimate Basketball

Round 4 – 3D Games

10. This game, developed by Square for the NES is most notable for being one of the first stereoscopic 3D games and took place on Solar System #517.  3D World Runner

11. This was the only licensed game to be released for the Virtual Boy and is considered by many to be the worst game released for the system.  Waterworld

12. While it wasn’t technically 3D this was the graphics mode that was used on the Super Nintendo to create the illusion of 3D in games like Super Mario Kart or F-Zero.  Mode 7


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