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The Question Block – Episode 56

Another week brings another dozen trivia questions for you to ponder. This week, Tony and I test your knowledge of Steam, Sonic’s cavalcade of friends and some more Brawl music. Then we put, friend of the site, Steve Conger in The Hot Seat and grill him about Final Fantasy. What could be better than reading about this episode? Actually listening to it.

The Question Block – 56
Round 1 – Brawl Music Part 3
Round 2 – A Friend Indeed
Round 3 – Steam
Round 4 – Final Fantasy On PlayStation (Steve Conger)

If you enjoyed Mr. Conger’s voice (and why wouldn’t you) you can check him out over at thegamesmen.com or you can follow him on Twitter (@jsslifelike). As always, you can listen to our other podcast, join our Facebook group, chat on our forum, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Twitter account.


The Question Block – Episode 55

This show almost didn’t happen, people. OVGE is tomorrow and we have been busy with a capital B. What the heck. A capital U, S and Y too. Why do people only capitalize the first letter? Who knows… Anyway, we got another helping of Brawl music for you to think about. Also, this week’s Hot Seat is all about a wild and crazy world know as Animal Crossing. And the Hot Seater this week is the current Animal Crossing addict, Shannon. How will he do? Will he stop playing the game long enough to actually record the show? Let’s find out.

The Question Block – 55
Round 1 – Brawl Music Part 2
Round 2 – FMV Games
Round 3 – Wii Shop Channel
Round 4 – Animal Crossing: Wild World (Shannon)

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The Question Block – Episode 54

I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t the Question Block supposed to be a half hour long?” Yes, you’re right. However, we babble a lot in this episode and we have a great little interview with Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid; I didn’t want to cut any of it. I could have cut some of Tony and I babbling but it takes a lot of work to cut incoherent rambling in a way that still makes sense. So I said “whatever” and exported the whole thing. It’s exporting now and I bet the file size is going to be huge; 192kbps for a 47 minute thing. Madness! Oh, if you haven’t already figured it out, Jools Watsham sits in The Hot Seat this week. He chooses a category near to his heart; his own game.

The Question Block – 54
Round 1 – Brawl Music
Round 2 – eReader
Round 3 – PSN
Round 4 – Mutant Mudds (Jools Watsham)

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